On-Demand Webinar: Top 3 Challenges in Clinical Research and How to Address Them 

Presented by Wendy Tate


Webinar Details:

This webinar was originally recorded on July 20, 2017. Duration 60 minutes. 


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As the clinical research industry evolves, so do its challenges. Clinical trials are becoming more complex, and research organizations must now find new ways to address chronic challenges. Forte’s recent survey of over 900 clinical research professionals revealed some tasks that are universally challenging across multiple roles and organizations.

During this presentation, Wendy Tate, Director of Data Analytics at Nimblify, will discuss the top three pain points identified by our survey respondents and arm you with solutions and resources to help you address these challenges in your day-to-day research operations.

 During this webinar:

  • Explore how your organizational challenges compare to those of your peers
  • Learn the solutions others are using to approach these common challenges
  • Take away multiple strategies to immediately implement at your research organization