In this informative webinar learn about different methods of data collection in clinical studies and how they compare to an electronic data capture (EDC) system.  Specifically, the webinar will discuss:


  • Types of electronic data capture
  • Methods for electronic data capture
  • Advantages to these various methods
  • And more!


(This is a recorded webinar that was originally presented on September 24, 2013.)

Slides are also available for download.

Anders Lindquist

Presented by:

Anders Lindquist,
Independent Clinical Research Consultant

Anders holds a Masters degree in Clinical Research Administration from Eastern Michigan University. As a Clinical Research Coordinator, he has managed clinical trials in the academic medical center setting at The University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center and The James Cancer Center. He is currently a Clinical Research Consultant with a focus on electronic data capture, methods, and standard operating procedures for clinical trials.

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