On-Demand Webinar:
Building a Better Budget: What You Need to Know

Presented by Jill Shilbauer and Jessica Krone

Webinar Details:

This webinar was originally recorded on July 28, 2015.

Duration: 60 minutes

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Budget Development and negotiation for clinical research trials is too often a tedious barrage of back and forth redlining, frustrating calls and emails, and confusing payment terms. In this session, the experts at PFS Clinical and PharmaSeek will share their budgeting secrets, break down the process, review effective and efficient negotiation, and demonstrate the common pitfalls through the use of case studies and real-life examples. The use of coverage analysis, its effect on budget development, and consequences of inappropriate billing will also be discussed.

The benefits to your site for implementing a thorough Budget Development process include:

  • Higher budgets for clinical trials
  • Increased positive revenue flow 
  • Avoiding common money pitfalls
  • Quicker turn-around times for budget and contract finalization
  • Audit protection in the form of proper coverage documentation to avoid double-billing

About the Presenters:

Jill Shilbauer

Webinar Presenter


Jill Shilbauer is the Director of Network Operations for PharmaSeek LLC, an Investigative Site Network that collaborates with pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations to match them with qualified clinical investigative sites for participation in clinical trials. With over 17 years of leadership, supervision and contracting experience, Jill is responsible for oversight of the network, including the evaluation of possible new sites and performance of existing sites. She also conducts contract and budget negotiations on behalf of PharmaSeek, and manages the Site Selection and Project Manager teams.

Jessica Krone

Webinar Presenter


Jessica Krone is a team manager of PFS Clinical, a company that provides administrative solutions to the complex challenges inherent to clinical research. Jessica began her career as a research analyst at PFS Clinical developing budgets and contracts for research sites. As her expertise grew, she was able to expand her focus to include Medicare coverage analysis for hospitals, dedicated research sites, and academic medical centers. In her current role as a manager at PFS Clinical, she oversees client deliverables and leads a talented team of budget, contract, and coverage analysts.